Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tool Using Monkey

I had an English teacher in High School who once said "the only difference between humans and other animals is that humans are the only ones who will pay for sex".

He was a great teacher.

However, for this forum, we'll go with the use of tools as the major difference.  Sure, other species use tools to crack open a sea urchin, get termites out of a nest, or other food related projects.  However, we've taken tool use to an integral aspect of our being, from flint knives to mobile phones connected to global, ubiquitous networks of other members of the species.

This is not a blog about tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and fabricators (unless there is something really cool to discuss about them).  Rather is is about the tools we use to affect our environment and the projects we do with those tools.

As a person I'm interested in many different things.  Being a good husband/father, gardener, DIY handyman (which may be Do It Yourself or Destroy It Yourself, depending on how well things go), to LEGO robotics team coach.  Technology provides a near infinite collection of blank pages and the ways to fill them with content and share across the world.