Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This party needs to happen soon...

So, the more time I have the more I add to this party.  I may be able to get everything done by then.

The 10 launch pads are now cemented together.  Had some interesting times getting the tire stem valves in place.    Turns out the 2 inch long valves are actually narrower than the 1 inch valves.  So I had to drill a bigger hole for the shorter valves, which turned out to be too big for the valve to fit in by friction.  A little super glue solved that problem, should keep the valve against the end-cap until pressure builds to hold it there.
1-inch tire stem valve and end cap

Tire stem valve has a block on the end, so it won't fit into this end cap

Customizing the valve stem

This past weekend we had to go to the hardware store and pick up a couple connectors that we still needed.  While we were there I bought the parts to build a PVC trebuchet based on the design from John Park's episode on Make: Television.  Hope to use it to launch some water balloons across the field.

I also picked up some Estes rocket motors from the hobby shop today.  Hopefully I have enough time to prep for some of these to liven up the party.  Maybe the girls will enjoy building some saucer rockets using plans from Art Applewhite's site.  I'll also try to resurrect my old rockets from wherever they are buried in the garage.  I wonder if the Estes Oracle still works, that's the rocket with a video camera in the nose cone.

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